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Busy Bison 4-H

Christmas Card Recycling Project

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Christmas Card Recycling Project
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The Busy Bison 4-H members and leaders make stockings and fill each one with candy for Veteran's at the Veteran's Hospital and also for residents in local nursing homes for Christmas.
Members are now busy cutting out the stockings to prepare for Christmas 2011.  If you would like to send us your cards please contact our leader Brenda Miller at (304) 363-7789 or email her at
We are always accepting Christmas cards and other greeting cards. For more information please contact us.

This year we have recycled over 29,312 greeting cards from 9 states, California, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Texas, Vermont and Indiana. Our members are hard at work cutting stockings and circles out of the cards. The stockings are filled with candy and given to people in nursing homes, hospitals and shelters. The circles will be used to make Christmas ornaments and sold as a recycled craft at Christmas time.
We would like to say How! How ! and Thank You to all our friends and supporters for all their help with our recycling drives.

Brandon & Jacob using recycled Christmas cards to make Christmas stockings

For more information about other community service projects our members have you may click on the following link below, when the new page opens just click on project links listed on the left side of the screen, when the page opens just click on the name and you will learn all about the project and what each member is collecting for that project.

Community Service Projects

April using a circle punch to cut circles out of the cards to be used to make Christmas ornaments.

Bridget helping to stitch together the stockings members made using recycled Christmas cards

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