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Busy Bison 4-H

Busy Bison Conservation Activities

Busy Bison Conservation Activities
Club Members, Leaders & Officers
Achievements and Awards
Meeting Activities
Christmas Card Recycling Project
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Below is a list of our conservation activities
Adopt A Spot
Adopt A Highway
Stream Monitoring
Save the Birds
Below is a list of things we Recycle
aluminum cans
glass ( unboken )
tin cans
magazines / books
Christmas / Greeting cards
plastic bottles & jugs
vcr tapes / dvds
pull tabs from cans
prescription bottles

Our club currently has 6 adopted highways and 5 adopted spots that we clean up and maintain year round. Our adopted highways we clean 4 - 6 times a year and for our adopted spots we mow grass, plant flowers, weed the flower beds and decorate them for the holidays and special occassions.

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